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We specialize in getting YOU label ready!
NeX Radio launched in 2009 with one goal in mind...
To be the platform to introduce up and coming talent from around the world.

From the launch of our first show, we have introduced the world to some of the hottest artists (music & print), producers, authors, speakers and DJs from around the globe.  We have since grown and expanded our business focus to give more to the up and coming talent.

NeX Radio broadcasts better than FM radio at a bitrate of 320kpbs (FM radio broadcasts at 128kbps).  Bottom line is when your music is played on NeX Radio, listeners are hearing you in high quality sound.  As well, NeX Radio is heard in over 150 countries by over 250k listeners.  On an average, NeX Radio's listener numbers are over 22k a month.  This is largely due in part to our marketing efforts and word-of-mouth from listeners who enjoy the music we play.  We have been contacted by record labels- - both major and independent, DJs, program directors, managers and show promoters who listen in and inquire about the talented artists we play and interview on NeX Radio.

To assist artists and provide great music to the listeners, NeX Radio has gone the extra mile to offer everything an artist needs to succeed in the music industry.  We currently provide full service music production by a highly skilled and experienced music producer with placements, magazine-worthy photography, creative direction, branding and everything a client needs to be a complete "package".  On the business side, we have what's needed to handle the accounting and business management for the client.  We offer to you everything needed to be a professional, whether you decide to sign with a major or independent label. 

The services we offer in total are what has continually earned us the ability to say... NeX Radio IS independent radio for independent artists!

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